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how oss works


- Decrease response times
- Redirect officers to higher priority calls
- Reduce interactions between citizens and armed     law enforcement
- Save thousands of manhours and millions of                 dollars per year


"Friendly, professional and quick." - N.B.

"I didn't know that this service was available very professional, very friendly. He came out and got our information and took care of the situation, and we were on our way very promptly." -J.S.

"The officer was well mannered and I told him this was my first accident that I wasn't sure what to do and he was there to explain everything I needed to do with in a timely manner. He was very helpful to me." -T.G.

"I give the officer on the scene a 10+. He was on time and efficient, and very honest. I appreciate his help. Thanks!" -T.W.

"Agent Odom responded to the accident quickly. He was very patient and kind answered all of our questions regarding what to expect next and followed up with me to make sure I was safe. I'm very grateful for OSS services." -J.W.

"The officer was kind, organized. I liked the pamphlet to help in a confusing time to understand the steps. I liked that he had a printer in the unit car, so we all got each others' information. He showed up to the scene in a reasonable amount of time." -R.B.